Getting Started

In order to set up and start using Zambeze, you will need the following dependencies:
  • A running rabbitmq server, see rabbitmq documentation. RabbitMQ does not need admin privileges to install and run on Linux systems.

  • Python >= 3.9. We suggest using Anaconda.

  • (Optional) ImageMagick to try a first mock example use-case. It is available here.

Installing and Testing Zambeze

  1. Checkout or Download the latest release from the Github.

  2. From the terminal in the zambeze directory run the following:

    pip install -e .

  3. Ensure that you have a RabbitMQ server is running and you are able to reach it. You may verify this by telnet’ing the rabbitmq server like so:

    telnet <rabbitmq.server> 5672

  4. Navigate to the examples directory and run the python program like so:


    If all goes well, the command will finish with no errors and you will see a new file called a.gif in your home directory.