User API Reference

The user API reference targets users who want to use Zambeze’s Python package for running their .

class str, files: list[str], command: str, arguments: list[str], logger: Logger, campaign_id: Optional[str] = None, agent_id: Optional[str] = None, message_id: Optional[str] = None, **kwargs)

Bases: Activity

A Unix Shell script/command activity.

  • name (str) – Campaign activity name.

  • files (Optional[list[str]]) – List of file URIs.

  • command (Optional[str]) – Action’s command.

  • arguments (Optional[list[str]]) – List of arguments.

  • logger (Optional[logging.Logger]) – The logger where to log information/warning or errors.

activity_id: Optional[str]
agent_id: Optional[str]
arguments: list[str]
campaign_id: Optional[str]
command: Optional[str]
files: list[str]
generate_message() AbstractMessage
logger: Optional[Logger]
message_id: Optional[str]
class zambeze.campaign.campaign.Campaign(name: str, activities: list[zambeze.campaign.activities.abstract_activity.Activity] = [], logger: Optional[Logger] = None)

Bases: object

A Scientific Campaign.

  • name (str) – The campaign name.

  • activities (Optional[list[Activity]]) – List of activities.

  • logger (Optional[logging.Logger]) – The logger where to log information/warning or errors.

add_activity(activity: Activity) None

Add an activity to the campaign.


activity (Activity) – An activity object.

dispatch() None

Dispatch the set of current activities in the campaign.